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Zon in Landschap | bifiPV Workshop

The sixth bifiPV workshop took place on September 16/17, 2019 in Amsterdam. The presentations can be download on the website of the bifiPV workshop.

Photovoltaics (PV) is increasingly becoming the most important energy source for a clean and widespread energy supply. In 2018 alone, 109 GWp of PV capacity was installed globally. Every country has now realized that PV is not only ecological, but becoming extremely economical, with an average levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) of around 4 ct/kWh.
Bifaciality is one of the most promising technologies for driving these costs even lower. Bifacial PV systems can sometimes see gains of more than 30% and, combined with tracking, the total electrical gain can be close to 50%, which will reduce LCOE to below 2 ct/kWh.

The bifiPV Workshop is an annually organised workshop for the PV community with a special interest in bifacial PV technology and application. The goal of this workshop is not only to review all existing technologies on the market, but also to set standards, to identify the market potential and to improve the bankability of bifacial PV. There is plenty of room for networking and catching up with the latest developments in cell technology, module manufacturing and PV systems. It is a chance to meet with the (bifacial) PV community at large: scientists, researchers, manufacturers, installation companies, and students.

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