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Solar@Sea II

The feasibility of the concept of floating units has been shown in an earlier project, and this project Solar@Sea II aims to rise the Technology Readiness Level up to the Proof of Concept for a solar energy farm that consists of several modules that are interconnected offshore while each module is built onshore from several hundreds of floating units.

Solar@Sea II deals with the further development of an offshore floating PV concept based on lightweight flexible floating constructions using flexible thin film solar modules.

The project consortium, consisting of Bluewater Energy Services, Genap, Endures, Marin, Avans University and coordinator TNO, will build a small scale prototype system of about 10 kWp in which multiple floating units are connected. This system will be tested in an offshore-representative environment to prove the technical feasibility. A detailed design of a large scale floating solar energy farm, including the mooring system will be made, supported by scale model simulations in the basins of Marin. The layout of the system will also take care of ecological aspects, like the shadow effects on underwater life. To prepare the concept for market introduction, practices for mass production, transportation and offshore installation of the modules will be worked out. Cost effectiveness but also circularity of the concept and its selected materials will be the driving forces in the development.

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