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Wind INduced Dynamics of Floating OffshoRe solar

Offshore floater photovoltaics (OFPV) offers gigantic opportunities for the energy transition. With land scarcity playing an important role, there are ample places worldwide where offshore floating solar can be deployed. A large portion of these places however are susceptible to combinations of high wind speeds and waves. Examples are North Sea wind parks and hurricane prone areas. As OFPV desirably has large surface areas and is low weight to reduce associated costs, it is inherently sensitive to wind loading.

The combination of the wind dynamics with waves and coupled structures is on the verge of what is possible in modern day modelling techniques. This study takes those modelling techniques and knowledge on the phenomena of wind wave and lightweight structure interaction to a next level.

In a partnership MARIN and SolarDuck are performing research on the interaction between wind, wave and OFPV systems. This will be done by validating state-of-the CFD simulation techniques with a public test case in MARIN basins. After validation, similar techniques will be applied to a realistic OFPV system to see the impact that wind, wave and structure interaction will have on larger scale. SolarDuck will use the results and design a methodology to parametrize the complex CFD results such that applications in efficient commercial modelling software is possible. Setting a benchmark and creating knowledge on the practical applicability of the simulations performed by MARIN. Finally, SolarDuck's scaled physical model tests will be used to conceptually verify and conclude upon the work that has been performed.

With this research scope SolarDuck and MARIN hope further position the Netherland as expert knowledge centre, developer and finally exporter of OFPV. Additionally, the enhanced understanding on the wind wave structure interaction will help cut costs and create a competitive advantage for all OFPV developers.

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